Thursday, March 17, 2011

Promoting a Facebook Fan Page on Blogger

The folks at BloggerSentral have it figured out. Apparently there is a glitch in Facebook’s own instructions as to how to add a Facebook fan box to your Blogger blog. (That’s why my fan box—scroll down—initially was so short that no one could see anything in it!) The crucial step, as BloggerSentral notes here, is:

Update February 2011:
It seems Facebook (perhaps erroneously) has the box height fixed to 62px. This allows only your Facebook page title and the Like button to appear inside the box, the faces will be hidden. To show faces, you must increase the height. For example, to show two rows of faces change the height to 280px. There are two heights in the code, make sure you change both.
(For the other steps, see BloggerSentral or, for that matter, Facebook’s own developer page.)

This example reinforces a lesson I have learned about social media and website development generally: If you have a problem, you likely are not the only one and someone out there probably has already solved it. Try a Google search. Or, Facebook your tech-savvy friends for advice. As I learn the answers myself, I will share them with you on this blog.

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