Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How to Write a Blog Post That People Will Read

If I haven’t captured your attention by now, then how likely are you to read any further?

The “How To” title attracts interest. So does the question in the opening sentence. What’s more, I’ve included a simple but colorful illustration immediately following a brief opening paragraph. Now you’ll probably at least skim the headings and bullet points below, right?

What Makes Blogging a Unique Writing Style?

In graduate school, I wrote a 400-page doctoral dissertation. My recent publications range from devotional articles in church magazines to scholarly chapters in academic books. A blog is a different sort of animal entirely.

Blogs are short. The whole blog is short. Its paragraphs are short. Are the sentences usually short, too? Yes, and often grammatically incomplete. Subheadings must be more frequent, and bullet lists (such as the one in the following section) guide the eyes toward the most important information. The reader seeks this quickly, and then decides to stay or click elsewhere.

But don’t take my word for it.

Learn from Others

People like to be bossed around. Finding, and following, an expert gives people a sense of security. Notice that at this very moment you are reading a paragraph introduced by this instruction: “Learn from Others.” Notice that this and the preceding sentence began with a command, “Notice.”

For additional tips, consult:

Improve Your Blogging One Post at a Time

Have you come to Prolife Promotions seeking better ways to promote and defend God’s gift of life? Then your message is important.

Don’t delay for fear of writing a blog that fails to conform to all the rules of style. Instead, start today, and with each new post incorporate one of the lessons learned from the resource linked above.

Begin here.

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